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WHEC Newsletter, Issue 4

10 May 2016 10:29 AM | Anonymous


As we get ready for winter, I would like to share with you an update on how we are doing as the Women’s Healing & Empowerment Centre.

About the organisation:

The Women's Healing & Empowerment Centre (WHEC ) is a social enterprise whose focus is bringing healing and empowerment to the modern woman by offering tools, resources and courses that help with the shift. WHEC subscribes to the Vision of Braveheart Women , to build a community of like-minded women  blossoming in their essence,  Creating prosperity courageously , collaborating harmoniously and connecting with purpose.


 The WHEC project seeks to be a catalyst for women to begin to heal from the pains and burdens inflicted over eons of existence on the female gender and to be empowered . Women need to heal from rejection (including self-rejection), low self- esteem/low self-love, over-giving to fit in, a culture of lack, abuse and societal manipulation.

Through its programs, the centre will assist women to own their voice, be their true selves and find their global purpose (the reason for being here). It is a place where women can relax, unwind, meditate, receive counselling, coaching and use their skills and talents to empower themselves, supported by tools and courses that follow the Female Success Model.

Values: Every woman is precious and deserves to be heard and appreciated.

Background: Women have traditionally been regarded as second class citizens in most African countries, although there has been some progress made in some countries including Zimbabwe to uplift their status. Culture also plays a major role in the discrimination against women and girls. From a young age, women are still not given the same platform as their male counterparts to express themselves. Instead, it is considered disrespectful to speak their minds. Hence, most mature into women who do not have a voice and even in their relationships they are subdued and suffer silently. Hard economic times are harsher on women as they bear the brunt of a rough existence, with no basic requirements, despite working as hard.

 Women suffer physical, verbal and psychological abuse at the hands of society. A strong willed woman is usually downplayed as being of loose morals and uncultured for daring to compete with men. It is against this backdrop that women have suffered and still suffer silently from unresolved and continuous emotional hurt. In order to survive and have a better life, women have resorted to compete and fight amongst themselves, playing into the hands of men who continue to abuse them as the weaker sex.

It is important that women begin: to heal from these wounds inflicted by societal stereotyping; be empowered in an environment where they are encouraged to own their voice; it is time that women come into their own by realising who they really are , beautiful , fearfully and wonderfully made, possessing capabilities that are unique to themselves; and to be empowered to choose a life of ease, thriving and overflowing love  and acceptance of each other and collaborating with other like-minded women to bring harmony and wholeness. Only when women accept and love their self, realising their worth, can they truly blossom. They can rise to their true potential, in a safe supportive space and thus become more empowered to choose the lives they dream of.


There are any activities designed to work on and develop the individually addressing inner personal issues first, then moving onto the outer professional and global issues. At WHEC we believe that for a woman to succeed and thrive at the same time, there has to be a shift in their lifestyle and certain emotional/psychological and visceral issues have to be addressed first. Hence we emphasize knowing and working with one’s body and taking advantage of certain hormones that support women when boosted.

  • 1.     Oxytocin Boosting/Dopamine/Seratonin

  • ·        We work with breathing techniques and movement in a fun but effective way, through harmony circles

  • 2.     DYBO- Dance Your Buts Off, Not the Butts You Sit On, The Buts You Live In

  • ·        This is a fun way to release blocks to our joy, success, fears etc and re-calibrating  our minds with new ways of thinking.

  • 3.     Female Success Model-Weekend Gateaway- This is a signature weekend of learning, releasing and developing new skills and approaches that will propel you to your next level

  • 4.     Female Success Model online Courses and study groups

  • ·        Topics such as how to do business, sales, marketing from a female visionary perspective are covered.

  • 5.     Conscious Living & Self Discovery Course

  • ·        This is a journey of self-discovery and connecting with one’s purpose for those not very clear on the subject of purpose

  • 6.     Conscious Dating workshops for single mature women

  • ·        This supports mature single women get back into meaningful relationships and find love again. It involves substantial work on the individual in order to attract the love and life one desires.

  • 7.     Group and one-on-one coaching on any of the above.

  • 8.     Connection and Collaborating with women across the world pursuing the same issues

  • 9.     Annual conferences at international destinations

  • 10.A safe supportive community to practise your gifts-Female healers from different schools welcome.

NB. If you are interested in any of the above , let us know and we will share more details.


The local BraveHeart Women Ripples are a catalyst in a global shift from dis-Ease to Ease, from the over-giving mindset of women to the over-flowing lifestyle every blossoming woman deserves to create and receive. The Ripples are not just another event added to the list of events that you have to choose from… Ripples are lifestyle gatherings, supporting an energy that is expanding and rippling around the globe.

Our community has a deeper mission than simply motivating women to achieve greatness, it's much more valuable than business networking. Our mission is to teach women the holistic approach to releasing self-limiting beliefs.

To learn more or to register please visit

Consider joining us on 11th of each month for 2 hours, and let's learn together to shift our lives, shift our world.


Becoming a club member is a show of commitment to deeper learning and growth. We meet monthly on the first Saturday of the month for those in Harare to dive deeper into DYBO and Female Success Model topics.

We meet online for those who are out of Harare or cannot find time to attend live meetings.

We have a personal forum and a professional forum to facilitate study groups and discussion of topical issues.

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